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2011 Governor's Awards for Nonprofit Excellence

by Jessica Lantos

Applications are now being accepted for the 2011 Governor’s Awards for Nonprofit Excellence, to be presented at the MANP Annual Conference, April 6-7, 2011.

The mission of Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) is To strengthen the leadership, voice, and organizational effectiveness of our state’s nonprofits so that they can better enrich the quality of community and personal life in Maine.

This year, the Governor’s Awards for Nonprofit Excellence will be focused on three key components of our mission, Leadership, Voice, and Organizational Effectiveness.” We believe all three facets not only contribute to a healthy organization, but are also critical for organizations to achieve high mission impact. 

In 750 words or less, we want to hear your story. Touch upon all three of these components and let us know what resonates with your organization.

The questions below are generated by our Guiding Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine and are prompts intended only to get you started.  We do not expect you to answer each question. Feel free to interpret these in your own way.


-How does/has your organization demonstrate(d) leadership?

-Describe any strategic alliances you have entered to further your mission.

-How has your board demonstrated its engagement and connection to your organization?

-Describe the ways your strategic goals support your leadership role.

-Give an example of how your organization has adapted to internal/external changes.


-How has your organization used its ‘voice,’ position, or advocacy to influence outcomes?

-How has your organization worked to amplify the voice of your constituents?

-How do you tell the story of your organization? Has your organization developed a compelling message?

Organization Effectiveness:

-How does your organization evaluate and assess its effectiveness?

-How have you worked to address and manage the financial health of your organization?

-How has your organization worked to successfully develop revenue?

-Does your organization stay on track to update its policies and procedures? What tools have helped you to do so?

-How is your organization particularly effective at meeting its mission?

Application Guidelines:

  • Applications must be received no later than Friday, November 26th
  • Applications must be no longer than 750 words and may be sent via email to or by mail to Jessica Lantos, Maine Association of Nonprofits, 565 Congress Street, Suite 301, Portland, ME 04101
  • Three awards of $2,000 each will be presented at MANP’s annual conference on April 7th.  Winners will be notified in early February

        Please include: 

  • Your organization’s mission
  • Name, phone number and email address of applicant

 We look forward to hearing your story!

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