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COVID-19 Vaccine Access + Vaccine Policies

by Katie Manter
As employers and as organizations that provide services and programs to the public, nonprofit organizations are grappling with how to create a safe environment for staff and volunteers during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Vaccines are one piece of that puzzle, and the following resources can help nonprofits determine an appropriate path for their particular organization.

Cryptocurrency Donations

by Molly O'Connell
There are pros and cons to accepting donations in cryptocurrency. The following articles can help nonprofits navigate this decision.


by Molly O'Connell
Ageism refers to discrimination and bias on the basis of age and manifests both as discrimination against older people (and sometimes younger people as well), and as a privileging or idealizing of youth. The following resources provide more resources and research about ageism as well as resources for building more age-positive organizations and communities.

Governance Committees

by Molly O'Connell
Many nonprofit boards find it valuable to establish a governance committee to take the lead on board development, including board recruitment, officer development, board orientation and education, board self-assessment, and board policy development. The following resources offer additional information.

Case Study: Demos’ Racial Equity Transformation: Key Components, Process & Lessons

by Molly O'Connell
This report shares an example of how one organization has been working to operationalize their values and commitments around racial equity and inclusion across every aspect of their operational and organizational life, from hiring and recruitment to daily management and more.

Race and Identity

by Molly O'Connell
“Although race has no genetic or scientific basis, the concept of race is important and consequential. Societies use race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, disenfranchisement, and oppression.”

Credit Cards for Nonprofits

by Katie Manter
Tips and considerations for securing a business credit card vs. using personal credit cards at your nonprofits.

Resources + Tips for Finding Grants

by Katie Manter
Tips and resources from MANP and the Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC) on finding grant funding.

In-Kind Donations

by Katie Manter
These articles provide information about in-kind donations, recommendations on drafting policies and procedures to get the most out of these contributions, and accounting considerations

Questions to Ask Before Collaborating

by Molly O'Connell
This resource will help you identify key questions to pose and answer at the very beginning of a collaborative effort.