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COVID-19 Vaccine Access + Vaccine Policies

by Katie Manter
As employers and as organizations that provide services and programs to the public, nonprofit organizations are grappling with how to create a safe environment for staff and volunteers during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Vaccines are one piece of that puzzle, and the following resources can help nonprofits determine an appropriate path for their particular organization.

Media Inquiries Procedure Template

by Katie Manter
Sample procedure to help organizations respond to media inquiries.

Waivers and Releases

by Molly O'Connell
The following articles offer advice on developing liability waivers and media releases for working with volunteers, clients and the public.

Anti-Racism Resource Collection

by Molly O'Connell
A crowdsourced collection of anti-racism statements, resources, tools, and guidance.

Creating a Language Guide for Your Communications

by Molly O'Connell
Is your nonprofit working on how it can be more inclusive? At your nonprofit, it is important to make your participants and clients feel welcome. One of the simplest ways to do this is in the words you say and use in your content, and how you address your community. Language guides can be a […]

Strategy Screen

by Molly O'Connell
A strategy screen is a tool for decision-making that outlines criteria your organization will consider when choosing or evaluating a new program, project or partnership through the lens of your overall strategic plan or priorities. Having such a tool in place in advance is extremely useful in helping your nonprofit be nimble and adaptable to […]

Board Giving Expectations

by Molly O'Connell
It is important for nonprofits to set and communicate clear expectations for board members about their role in giving and raising money. The following resources offer advice and samples for structuring board giving expectations, which can vary widely from organization to organization. Some articles advise nonprofits to strive to have 100% of board members donate […]

Appeal Letters: Tips & Samples

by Molly O'Connell
For many nonprofits, a direct mail appeal is an important part of their annual fundraising strategy. The following articles have tips, tools and samples for writing effective fundraising letters and annual appeals.

Focus Groups

by Tim Brooks
Focus groups can be a useful strategy for gathering feedback from stakeholders, such as clients, supporters, staff, or volunteers. The following resources provide guidance to ensure you design an effective process.

Operating Reserves

by Molly O'Connell
Operating reserves are an essential part of building an organization’s long-term sustainability. An operating reserve can help ensure that an organization can continue its vital programming activities even during uncertain economic conditions.