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Beyond the Bio: Lizzy Reinholt

by Lydia Swann

Lizzy Reinholt, a life-long Mainer and former staff member of Maine img_3354Association of Nonprofits, has years of experience working with high level political candidates, CEOs, and organizational leaders on public speaking, messaging and debate preparation.

To help you get to know this MANP presenter, we asked Lizzy the following questions.

Cornville, Maine.

What’s something we might not know about you even after we spend a day with you?
I don’t like crowded places.

What do you do for fun?
Go hiking.

What’s your greatest strength?
I’m good at reading a room and I trust my gut.

Who is your hero?
Corey Booker. He’s like a superhero posing as a politician.

Favorite part about living in Maine?
I live in the Western Maine Mountains and always feel so lucky to drive home up route 27 to the view of the Bigelows.

An article/blog/book you recommend?
World War Z. It’s not just a zombie book. It’s a pretty stellar reflection of the human condition.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Anywhere, as long as my husband is with me…. and preferably my dog.

What was the last movie you went to? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Jungle Book. Thumbs up!

What is your favorite childhood memory?
It’s hard to pick. I’m lucky to have a lot of awesome memories. I think overall, birthdays are my favorite childhood memory. My mom and dad always worked really hard to make birthday’s special. To this day my dad always bakes me whatever cake I want and when I was younger my mom used to even make the wrapping paper for my presents.

Learn more about (and from) Lizzy at her upcoming workshop Finding Your Voice: The Power of Public Speaking.

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