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Executive Service Corps Offers Free Assessments

by Brenda Peluso

Free Situation Assessments extended to September

Our new program to offer a limited scope, free, Situation Assessments has been popular with our clients and with the consultants.

We have worked with nonprofits from Thetford Center, VT to Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  They have included nonprofits with budgets from $25,000 to well over $1,000,000.

  • The Situation Assessments have (or are) addressed(ing): 
  • Improving Cash Flow – both Short Term and Long Term
  • Preparing a Grant Request to fund a Marketing Plan
  • Applying the 2008 Wage And Benefit Survey to a Salary Structure where the jobs do not match
  • Review of a Marketing Plan and with Next Steps for Increasing Revenue
  • Analysis of changing an Executive Director from a Stipend to a Regular Payroll
  • Strategic Analysis of a Web Site
  • Review of an Annual Appeal to Increase Contributions
  • Recommendations for Enhancing Revenue Streams

To review the original offer visit the Excutive Service Corps’ Website. Or to learn more contact Executive Service Corps at (603) 362-9300 or (207) 641-2300 or send them an email.

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