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What Makes Someone a Good Ambassador for Your Mission?

by Molly O'Connell

When Andy Robinson joined us recently for Focus on Friendraising, we sat down with him to discuss how to be a good nonprofit ambassador.

Use this short video as a discussion prompt with your boards and advisory councils!

Why? In the past several months nonprofits have seen an unprecedented surge in support as communities grapple with the uncertainties of how civic and social landscapes may change.  Leaders who are thoughtful about the important role they play as ambassadors for their missions can help tap into this wave of civic engagement and build support for their organizations’ work to strengthen Maine communities.

3 thoughts on “What Makes Someone a Good Ambassador for Your Mission?

Chritine deLorimier says:

How can you tell when an ambassador has overstepped his/her boundaries as such, and more importantly, what to do about it? When discussing who makes a good ambassador, it is really important also to look at temperament and motivation (why do they want to do this), I think.

I need to know more about what “overstepping boundaries” means? Does it mean promising inappropriate things to donors, or going on the record with journalists without authorization, or making stuff up, or coming on too strong? Each of these is a different problem requiring a different intervention.

One solution: ambassador training for your board, to work on the pitch, work on listening skills, and set some boundaries for everyone.

Christine deLorimier says:

Thanks Andy, I can’t really say, it was one of the things you mentioned. I find your solutions very helpful!

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