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Partnerships for Health & Human Services: A Successful First Step

by Brenda Peluso

Yesterday was inspiring, energizing and more than a little mind-boggling!  We thank everyone for their committed and thoughtful participation and promise to do our best to continue the momentum.

Thank you to the JTG foundation for their generous support of yesterday’s event and thank you to the many volunteers who facilitated tables and made presentations.

Thank you to our presenters from Illinois whose presentation was very well received.

A full report will be posted next week, but in the meantime, here is the very short-term action plan that was created in the large group discussion that occurred between 2 & 3 pm:

Conclusions about Immediate Next Steps

  • – Establish an Initial Steering Committee to evaluate options for next steps and make a plan
  • – The following small group shall establish an Initial Steering Committee (no more than 10 people):

    • Brenda, MANP

    • Mari, Maine Center for Philanthropy

    • Brenda H., DHHS Commissioner will choose

  • – The plan shall address the following (bold items first)

    • Potential establishment of a long term commission

    o Mandate

    o Composition – getting buy in

    o Timing (before Gov. Baldacci leaves office?)

    • Potential Establishment of an Orange Book-type process

    • Evaluation and reporting

    o Economic impact of proposed cuts

    o Potential approaches including and in addition to Illinois

    • Education – How to educate stakeholders

    • If/How to engage candidates (before the November election)

  • – Develop an advocacy group (or convene existing ones)
  • – Now – All of us

    • Share ideas with your legislators now

    • Share positive info about human services

  • – Another large group convening – maybe on November 17

More materials for your information:

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