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Steal This: 3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Success

by Jennifer Hutchins

I know. I know.

From the desk of Jennifer Hutchins, MANP Executive Director

Management gurus insist it’s important to celebrate our successes, but my Puritanical heritage bucks at the idea of being too uppity about getting stuff done. After all, hard work is why we’re here, right? Forget the perfunctory wood plaque.

Well, even I’ll admit that these 3 easy habits generate fun, yum and positive vibes in our office that are well worth the effort.

1. The Fishbowl

Admit it, most offices have candy stashed somewhere. Our chocolate-packed fishbowl is in the center office with a stack of scrap paper and a pen next to it. Before grabbing a 3:00p sweet, you must write down a compliment about an individual or team and add it to the bowl. At our monthly staff meetings, we read them aloud–sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious.

2. The Bell

This one is particularly good for a small office. When a new member joins MANP, Debbie rings a small bell (emphasis: small) on her desk. This simple gesture is subtle enough that no one is disrupted but, for one fleeting moment, we all feel the sweet pleasure of success.

3. The List

This is where we collect our testimonials from members, friends and event attendees. It’s pretty basic, I know. But, it’s often overlooked in busy nonprofits, then desperately needed when drafting a grant or appeal letter. Everyone here knows where to find it and encourages each other to keep it up to date. When a particularly good one crosses our desk, we share it before storing it eternally on The List.

So, join me in waking up our Success Scrooge selves and feel free to steal these habits. They are great (and efficient!) ways to lighten the mood and acknowledge hard work.

Do you have an office habit for celebrating success that you would like to share? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments!

P.S. If you’re interested in making your office a place people want to be you may also want to check out our upcoming SkillBuilder on 4 Steps to a More Positive Workplace Culture (May 25, Auburn)! 

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